All About Women’s Boutique Clothing

After determining the value of your women’s boutique clothing, you need to determine who your potential buyer is and what they will be looking for in your boutique. Likely, your potential customer is going to be a lot of yourself. They will be someone with an eye for women’s fashion, who is outgoing and eager to sell. Finding these qualities in your potential buyer will ensure that your boutique will succeed even after you are gone.


When selling a women’s clothing boutique, you next need to consider what potential customers are looking for in a new business venture in boutique clothing. When buying a women’s clothing boutique, potential clients are going to be looking for boutiques that weathered the recession and are demonstrating growth post-recession. Buyers will also be looking for boutiques that either can expand to the online clothing boutiques or have already started an online boutique. The web is where retail is headed, and growth into the internet market is an important factor to potential buyers.


Lastly, when selling a women’s clothing boutique, you need to consider what you can be doing to get the best possible selling price for your business. Buyers will be looking for boutiques that have already expanded or can expand their business to the internet market. Making a move into the online retail market before selling a women’s clothing boutique. It will increase your SDE and get you a better price. Clothing boutiques


Also, to increase sales before selling a women’s clothing boutique, beginning a new marketing campaign. Consider offering coupons and deals through your social media pages like Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, to increase sales and in turn increase SDE, you may also want to consider adding new clothing lines to your boutique. This will draw new attention to your store and likely increase customer volume. 

Advantages Of Buying From Online Women’s Clothing Boutiques


In our time now, online shopping for clothes is becoming a part of the daily chores of the modern women. Even if there is little flaws, purchasing clothes from an e-retailer is becoming very popular day by day. According to the GSI Commerce survey conducted on online shopping, it was concluded that half of the majority of the consumers have a preference for shopping for fashion accessories and clothing online rather than buying them offline. We have to admit that this format of buying clothes and accessories has made its place and is being used on a large scale by consumers as it is easier to do so with a broad range of variety, and it saves time as well. One can order the clothes from any part of the world.


The best and an essential advantage of shopping for women’s clothes online is that you can always purchase the clothes that you like anytime. In today’s date everyone is busy at work, school, college, with kids, etc. in this fast moving and tight-scheduled life, it becomes tough to take out some time for going to the boutique or the mall to do some shopping during the day. Most of the people get their free time at night. But online shopping provides a 24X7service for these free-time-deprived shopaholic people. One can shop for clothes online at any time of the day may it be two p.m. or 12 AM in the morning.


Another advantage of the online shopping for clothing is that one can also buy from the international market may it be any corner of the world by just browsing on the internet and clicking on the search button. You can go through so many different women’s clothing boutiques offering you different styles, may it be casuals, formals, vintage, native, anything you want is just a click away. You can get anything you like and show off to your friends. You can buy some speciality based clothing item, or a designer wear, the dress that your favourite celebrity wore in some award function everything is available on the internet at any time. All you have to do is go online, find out what you want and order it. In a few days, you will be the proud owner of the item.


When it’s a holiday and time for regular seasonal sales, shopping stores go all crowded. You are on a ‘mission impossible’ to find you the way to the beautiful shirt that you spotted at the opposite corner of the store. Buying online helps in avoiding all these crowded sales where you have to run with all your strength to reach that top before someone else spots it.


Buying stuff from an online women’s boutique gives you the benefit of comparing the price of the item you want to buy from different retailers websites. Thus, this format is a very straightforward and efficient way and at the same time saves your time and provides the service at any time of the day. 


There are many budget online women’s clothing boutique, such as Paisley Grace Boutique and other such women’s cloth shop online the list are as follow:

1. The gap : This shops use to sell everything from jeans to classic blazers there dresses are according to the latest trend and in affordable design , don’t worry to watch your wallet you will get everything or you may say any dress material according to your budget the most probably the budget starts from 20$ to 80 $ .
2. The target : It is a best discount shop for shopping , it is having an collaboration with many famous designers of the world , it is offering all type of size , the price starts from 10$ to 50$
3. Mod cloth:it is a best and affordable designer, who is having a wide range of women’s latest fashion clothes here some items are available in plus size but most of them are in standard size.

Try to expand your shopping options for online women’s clothing boutique or for shops for women clothing online , both the option is right , but don’t try to get overwhelmed , make yourself happy , and try to have fun when you are doing shopping , try to always change an stores for doing shopping.

Online shopping is the best shopping option because it is not having an single hectic to do shopping in hot , you can easily place your order , for ladies it is a best option for getting online women’s clothing boutiques or shops for women clothes online by this way they easily get everything according to their budget and need.

Planting a garden

Planting a garden

gardening trees, there are way too many to call. Horticulture plants can describe florals, shrubs, herbs, vegetables, fruits, as well as much more. There are likewise gardening plants that remain in period at various times of the year, some in autumn and winter season, others in springtime as well as summer. Whatever sort of gardening you determine is your strength; there are a lot of gardening plants available to fit your inclinations.

If you want gardening plants that you can in fact utilize instead of just look at, veggies, natural herbs, and fruits are all really satisfying. Edible plants include an exhilaration to gardening because of the fruit and vegetables offered at produce time. The main vegetables expanded in smaller sized, residence yards as well as larger ones include corn, peas, cucumbers, potatoes, squash, peppers, onions, carrots, spinach, lettuce, and also beets.

It is rather easy to have a vivid garden in the spring and summer season, yet it is a whole various ball-game throughout the cold, winter season. Although it is hard, with preparing and a little more care you could have a vivid garden year round. One horticulture plant that flourishes in the autumn and also winter season is the Rudbeckia, a beautiful yellow seasonal. Others consist of the Christmas increased, the Japanese Anemone, and also Universe.

Spring and summer gardening plants are some of the prettiest things on earth as well as give motivation to all that grow them. Some of the most grown spring plants are tulips, proverbs, and also violets.

When gardening, numerous people will select attractive yards or shrubs. Monkey grass is a perpetuity favorite, especially for a walkway. These will gardening plants could be for appearances, could function as a border or fencing, as well as could be made use of for personal privacy. Shrubs are very easy to take treatment of and add a specifying aim to any type of backyard or yard.

There are a lot of different sort of gardening plants offered. Numerous horticulture plants actually have an objective and could be used, whereas many of them are simply for appearances. The kind of horticulture plant you opt to have in your garden is completely as much as you, yet keep in mind, regardless of what kind it is, it will need some upkeep and also without correct treatment you will certainly end up with a garden loaded with merely dirt.

Gardening plants could refer to blossoms, bushes, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and also many more. Whatever type of gardening you choose is your strong suit; there are plenty of gardening plants readily available to fit your preferences.

There are so lots of different kinds of horticulture plants offered. Numerous gardening plants in fact have an objective as well as could be utilized, whereas numerous of them are merely for appearances.

Natural compost

Natural compost

The suitable growing procedure would certainly consist of placing it in the ground at the appropriate deepness, and also changing the dirt without pressing it excessive. Right away after growing, you need to provide the tree its very first sprinkling prior to placing the layer of compost on. You ought to consistently utilize natural compost, as well as have a 2 or 3 inch layer of it at the base of your tree.

You need to constantly make use of nitrogen plant food throughout the initial sector of the tree’s life. Never ever use as well much plant food while the tree is youthful.

There are lots of even more points that you requirement to take into consideration if you are attempting to expand a tree easily. With correct preparation you could produce the best setting for the tree to spring right up and also supply you with lots of color within months.

If you are presently attempting to plant trees in order to color your yard, you will most likely desire something that expands extremely rapid and also offers lots of color. With the several kinds of trees offered, you will certainly have no issue discovering a selection that will certainly expand very rapid and also offer all the color that your yard requirements to make it through. If you are merely looking for some short-lived color for your yard, you must stick to a brief lived tree. Preparing your dirt well for the color trees could be the finest means to improve the plant development rate. When you purchase your color tree, it will generally come with the origin round balled up and also in a cloth bag.

You will possibly desire something that increases extremely rapid as well as offers lots of color if you are presently attempting to plant trees in order to color your yard. With the numerous kinds of trees offered, you will certainly have not a problem locating a selection that will certainly expand incredibly quick and also give all the color that your yard should endure. There are additionally lots of points you could do to quicken the development of trees.

Normally trees are divided right into 2 classifications: lengthy lived as well as brief lived. You need to stick to a brief lived tree if you are simply looking for some momentary color for your yard. If you intend on maintaining it for years, go for a lengthy lived tree.

When you get your color tree, it will typically come with the origin round balled up as well as in a cloth bag. If the tree simply has bare origins, after that the excellent growing time is anytime in winter months as well as very early springtime. If you acquire a tree that has actually been expanded in a container, make certain that the origins are not restricted by the container.

If the origins have lots of location to expand, after that they will certainly fire out exceptionally prompt and also your tree will certainly take off in development. Your positioning ought to additionally be based on the tree’s family member placement to the location you are desiring to color.

Preparing your dirt well for the color trees could be the finest means to boost the plant development rate. The larger opening you dig for the origin sphere, the far better. If you blend in all your plant food as well as nutrients to the dirt prior to you change it, you will certainly finish up with an exceptional tree.

Great tree ideas

If you do your research correctly you’ll find out the trees have double amount of resources for human beings throughout this plan. Let’s go over a few these and see how extremely important it is for us to take care of our Greener world and do everything within our power to make sure that our trees never disappear off the planet.

Number one most important on the list trees provide a great source of food. Everything from bananas, coconuts, pineapples, strawberries, avocados, and the list really goes on and on and on.there’s been a statistic that they have done throughout the whole entire earth and they came to find out the trees provide 29% of the worlds population food supply. Can you imagine 29% trees provide food for well over 1 billion people.

This is extremely important to understand down in deep that means 1 billion people on this earth would not eat or have two at the very least find another food supply if we did not have our wonderful green luscious trees and the wonderful vegetables and fruits that they provide. That’s four times more than the population in the United States.

Trees provide healing for your natural body You will find great remedies also just about every single chemical that you would take on an injection or your medication from the pharmacy include some form of a leaf bark or minerals from a tree. It’s all important understand the trees help people get healed they are our best friends in this life and they mean so much to the over all economical structure that we have on this earth. Medicine natural healing medicine is gotten from these these trees or at the very least extracted from the leaves them selves to form pills that you when your family might be taken on a daily basis.

It is so important that tree service companies educate themselves to make sure that they continue to supply the longevity of our future which are in trees.

A good tree care company will always find a way to save a tree or at the very least replanted somewhere else instead of cutting it down for firewood.

Also keep in mind the trees provide oxygen for air it’s a natural filter for cleaning our O Zone in our air that we breathe on the daily basis for perfect human health.

Educate yourself and see how important trees are too controlling the omissions in the air especially in overpopulated areas like India member we very important that the trees that surround India in the rain forest are the ones to breathe in the carbons out of the year and breathe a good clean one her percent breathable oxygen. Simply put trees are our friends and they are an important part of our environment to make sure that we continue to live the way we want to live trees have to always be a part of us.

Trees provide shelter shelter from the elements outside that we would otherwise be completely destroyed by hailstorms tornados  and also weather. Rain would utterly take us over a we did not have a canopy overhead was made by wood that intern came from trees so trees Bill jobs and they build our environment.

The wood is cut down from trees especially Pine tree’s is used to build some of the most beautiful homes on the face of the planet. To include some of the most worst parts of the world that also use wood for structure for their stability and their habitation.

Trees also provide overflow water protection in a storm whenever we have high torrential rains trees act like a natural absorber getting water away from Creek some beds and absorbing the water into their actual roots making the free fatter but at the same time saving lives to avoid flooding.

Trees are simply our friends and they come in handy in every part of the country to include the entire world. Do yourself a big huge favour today and going plant a few trees this week.


What Causes Foundation Problems

Problems in Foundation 

Foundation problems happen for any number of reasons. It could be that tree roots are growing too close to the foundation. Years of extreme hot and cold temperatures could affect the soil, which in turn wreaks havoc on your home’s foundation. Improper drainage and standing water around your home is another common culprit for residential home foundation problems.

A certified structural engineer can also suggest things you can do now to prevent future problems. A Foundation Repair Irving TX specialist can inspect your home from top to bottom. Additionally, they have the knowledge and experience to spot problems that the average homeowner might accidentally overlook; repairs of foundation.

Popular Repair Methods for Sunken Foundations

In the past, ways to repair damaged foundations varied. Salvage efforts included using concrete, cement, and steel. The worst part of these types of situations was not the disruption to the family’s lifestyle, but that when tried by untrained workers, more often than not the attempts failed.

When the repairs failed, an engineer would have to come in and fix not only the initial problem, but also the botched repair job as well. That’s why it is a good idea to just call a structural engineer from the very start. Most offer a free consultation where they can give you an idea of what to expect regarding repairs.

That is because only structural engineers have the knowledge, training, and experience necessary to repair a residential foundation. Additionally, over time technology has provided more successful methods to repair the problems of concrete foundation repair that offer little to no disruption to your family’s daily activities.

Which Method Is Right for Your Foundation Restoration

Today there are two popular foundation repair methods that are more common than any others. The first is called jacking, and there are two primary types that are used. In slab jacking, sandy grout pumped beneath a concrete slab forces it upward to its original level of elevation. Meanwhile foam jacking raises up portions of the foundation to provide support, such as to interior floors.

The second is piers, which is the most common type. Push piers are hydraulically driven pieces of steel that push the weight of your foundation to other areas of soil. Concentric push piers work the same way, but use shorter segments of steel. Helical piers, on the other hand, screw into the ground so that their rings transfer the weight of the foundation to the soil.

Which type you select depends on a number of different things, such as the type of damage to your home, the type of soil around your home, and the cause of the damage. Once again, only an engineer who is trained in this subject can give you the proper advice. Trying to fix the problem on your own now could result in disastrous consequences later.

The Reasons for Concrete Foundation Problems

Before you decide on a repair method that will best repair your home’s foundation, you must first figure out the reason why the foundation is in distress in the first place. A structural engineer will perform a thorough examination, including the mortar joints, windows and doors, and moldings and trim boards.

Another thing to consider is the weather. For example, a long winter that dumps long periods of precipitation over the earth will saturate the ground around your home’s foundation. On the other hand, a blazing hot summer that dries out the soil around the foundation opens a whole new avenue of trouble

Foundation Repair Process

The Simple Pressed Pilings Foundation Repair System. Repair of foundation.

Cracks in walls? Cracks in slabs? Concrete cracks? The soil underneath a building has different layers that are made up of different components. Some are clayey in nature and expands and contracts as it absorbs water and dries, thus laying immense pressure on the foundation of the building. Make sure to inspect all areas around just in case if you spot any leaks such as a slab leak or drainage problems.

foundation repair process

foundation repair process

One major solution to this problem is the use the ‘Simple Pressed Pilings System’ that helps fix the damages without the use of inconvenient heavy machinery.
The Simple Pressed Pilings System has steel rod connecting Piers that help ensure its stability. The concrete parts of the piers also aid it with greater support, as do the concrete cylinders. They move deep into the soil that is generally unaffected by weather conditions. The System can also penetrate into tougher soil and thus is a source of renewed support to the foundation. A simple advantage of this system is that it is quick to install and can be done within a day or two.

Foundation Repair Process Step 1

Soil Core Test:
 It is to determine the required depth to reach stable soil. For a permanent solutions, it is imperative to use the bell bottom piers,  located in stable soil. If we don’t do a soil core test, the foundation repair contractor will need to be guessing  depth, which can lead to errors when  installing the concrete piles or piers.

Foundation Repair Process Step 2

Boxing: The process of digging a hole (box) until you get to a certain depth to be able to drill to the correct depth; These holes are dug in order to place the piers.

Foundation Repair Process Step 3

Drilling and Belling: Specialized drills are used to dig the holes in order to reach stable soil. Holes are dug with a special drill until stable soil is reached. The depth of these holes depends on the soil conditions of the site.

Foundation Repair Process Step 4

Steel Rebar and Concrete Pour: Once the pier holes are filled with wet concrete, we will proceed to insert the Steel Rebar, the process can be done before or during the pouring of the wet concrete into the holes. The steel rebar is used to reinforce the concrete, which in turn provide strength, and make it permanent.

Foundation Repair Process Step 5

Clean-up: The following step is the clean-up process, which involved on the job site being carefully cleaned, including the removal of all the dirt. Our clean-up crew takes pride on their workmanship, as they know it is a reflection of themselves as professionals, and most importantly, they take pride on delivering customer satisfaction.

Foundation Repair Process Step 6

Curing: As the job site is carefully cleaned, the concrete then awaits to cure (dry) and get hard, which normally takes about two weeks. It will provide the bell bottom piers with strength and stability.

Foundation Repair Process Step 7

Leveling: As the concrete finished to dry up or cure, then we proceed in jacking and leveling the property to its original grade.

Foundation Repair Process Step 8

Mud Pumping: Once  the foundation repair is done, we will fill any voids below the foundation with concrete and mud slurry, in order to provide support between the foundation and the soil prevent future cracking.

Tree Services

How Much Do Tree Services Dallas charge?

While Dallas is a sprawling urban landscape, it is also one of the oldest forest cities in the state of Texas. Make sure you keep your portion of that history alive in your backyard by taking steps to keep them healthy and alive. Our statistics below will tell you what those tasks involve in terms of cost.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Tree removal often entails the removal of the tree stump along with its roots. This way, there’s no chance of the tree growing again. Consideration is given to the distance to the project site, equipment required, labor, and removal process. The price can vary based on the width, height and complexity of the project, between $372 and $520. If the tree is close to a power line or the home, it will cost more to take it down. However, most homeowners in Dallas will pay an average of $446. Tree service Dallas has the right prices for you!

How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

If the stump is not removed with the tree, then it will likely need to be removed later on to plant a new tree. Stump removal will cost Dallas residents between $150 and $200, depending on how large the tree trunk is and where it’s located in the yard. If that’s too expensive, you can also opt to have the stump ground down. Those prices range from $75 to $140 per stump.

Average Cost of Tree Maintenance in Dallas

The costs for tree trimming, pruning and cutting can vary between $377 and $503, as each tree has its own characteristics and set of circumstances. The costs typically are more if the tree is tall or near power lines. When a tree is very tall, it often requires the use of specialized equipment for both the tree removal process and safety. Trees that are encumbered near or with power lines require extra care due to the potential danger. The costs for these services generally averages at about $440.

The State Tree of Texas

Texas is the largest producer of native pecans, as the pecan tree (Carya illinoinensisis its state tree. It became the state tree by act of the Texas legislature in 1919. The pecan tree was so favored by Governor James Hogg that he requested one be planted along his grave. A mature pecan tree can grow as tall as 150 feet with trunks more than 3 feet in diameter. The meats of the pecan are highly prized in Texan cuisine, and pecan pie is as much a tradition as Christmas trees.

Tallest Trees to See

The state of Texas has several tree trails where residents can view registered champion trees. Champion trees are defined as the largest in the region. The tree trail in is located on Botanic Garden Boulevard and features some of the tallest trees in the state of Texas. At the Botanic Garden Champion Tree Trail, there are nine exemplary trees amidst 109 acres of luxurious gardens. There are easy walking trails and plenty of opportunities to capture their beauty on camera. Five of those champion trees types include:

  • Japanese zelkova (Zelkova serrata)
  • Sawtooth oak (Quercus acutissima)
  • English walnut (Juglans regia)
  • Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba)
  • Southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora)

Each tree boasts its own majesty. The southern magnolia stands 64 feet in height with a wide crown of creamy white and fragrant flowers filling the air. The English walnut is 47 feet tall and the largest of its species in the region. It also has an impressive crown spread of 57 feet. The jujube is 45 feet tall and gracefully displays its ornamental branches and glossy green foliage. Without a doubt, the Botanic Garden Champion Tree Trail is the ideal venue to enjoy the many wonders of nature.

Best Trees to Plant

Fort Worth has a wide variety of tree species that thrive well in its soil and are highly resistant to common tree diseases. Here’s a list of ones that will add majesty to your property:

Cedar elm

Cedar elm

  • Montezuma bald cypress (Taxodium mucronatum): The Montezuma bald cypress grows from 80 to 140 feet and features graceful semi-evergreen leaves. It also produces delightful flowers during the spring season. It’s drought resistant and also tolerates wet soils along the waterways. When planting, these trees should be spaced 25 to 45 feet from each other.
  • Big tooth maple (Acer grandidentatum): The big tooth maple easily flourishes in a variety of well-drained soils, including white limestone rock areas, clay and sand. It is drought resistant and doesn’t require heavy fertilization. It’s a gorgeous tree with yellow to golden fall colors and grows up to 50 feet. Small yellow flowers appear in the spring, and its fruit is a rose and green color.
  • Cedar elm (Ulmus crassifolia): Although the cedar elm is drought tolerant, it also tolerates moisture well. This tree grows well in a wide range of soils, including rocky limestone. It grows 70 to 90 feet tall with a crown spre
    Desert willow

    Desert willow

    ad of 50 to 60 feet. The cedar elm has a yellow fall color, and its flowers bloom in late fall or summer. Its bark features narrow loose scales and is highly textured.

  • Desert willow (Chilopsis linearis): The desert willow adapts well to a variety of soils, but drainage is vital. Too much moisture will cause the roots to rot. It is a small, deciduous tree and grows 25 to 35 feet. In appearance, the desert willow is an open, lacey tree with beautiful summer flowers of a delicate yellow color. Its flowers form in showy clusters at the tips of its branches. Blooms occur from late spring to early fall.

As living organisms, trees can require assistance at times to remain healthy. We know all about the life and proper care of trees and will put our expertise to work for you.

What kinds of services do trees need to thrive? Among the many we provide:

  • Pruning (also called trimming): This is one of the most important skills an arborist can have. Done improperly, pruning can be very detrimental to your tree’s health, so it’s crucial to hire someone who knows what they’re doing! Any cut made to a tree’s branches should be well thought-out and have a reason behind it.
  • Tree stump grinding: When you have a stump on your property that needs to go, we can handle the job with skill, using our special equipment to grind the stump down to bits.
  • Cabling and bracing: When a tree can’t support its own weight, this system is used to help it grow and thrive. Cables are applied high up in trees to keep them steady, and in some cases, braces are also installed for additional help.
  • Disease diagnosis: It’s often easy to see when a tree is affected by disease or insect infestation; they can begin to appear lackluster or have fungus growing out of them, among other indications. Our team of professionals can accurately diagnose your tree’s condition and work to quickly get it back to optimum health.
  • Vertical mulching: Sometimes, the root system of your tree needs extra nutrients to get it healthy again. We will use special air tools to drill a series of holes in the ground, right over the root system, and fill them with organic mulch to help “feed” the roots.
  • Organic fertilization: Fertilizer has been in existence almost since the beginning of time, but the organic type hasn’t always been as popular as it is today. Integrity Tree Care uses a mixture made from animal and plant matter, which is added to the soil. This eliminates any risk of toxic buildup and contamination of the earth.
  • Storm damage cleanup: The fallout after a storm can be dangerous and messy. We will assess your situation, clean up all of the debris and expertly determine which trees can be saved and which ones unfortunately can’t be rescued. Whatever the case, we’ll handle the situation for you with skill and timeliness.

Relax coner on condominium roof top garden with sofa and table

A great roof over our head

Last night was the best roof top dining experience  I had ever had!


My expectations in life aren’t that high (long story) so when my girl friend wanted to go out to eat, so I was just thinking “take her to *insert restaurant name here* “, but my better judgment told me she wants to go somewhere different. So I looked around on the internet for a good restaurant that had good food of course and a nice scenery, you know to get away from the cliché fancy Italian restaurant.

Though it took time and a lot diligence I manged to find a rooftop restaurant that looked like it might be worthy of my girl friend’s presence. We got ready and headed out when we got there I went against what my mother told me and judged the book by the cover. This book was High-end it was way more than I expected top of the line everything, I was shocked at the work they put into a rooftop restaurant.

The roof was layered in what to be a high quality glossy tile the edge of the roof was surrounded with glass walls with what appeared to be chrome guard rails. They had sitting areas that had large sofas and glass coffee tables. The eating area was amazing the chairs were designed to contour to your back so sitting at the table was not a pain, it was like having a massage while eating your meal.

We enjoyed every second of our outing on that roof, strange as it sounds you can have a lot of fun a roof when everything is perfect, it was like every star in the whole freaking universe moved to that one spot so we could watch them as the night went on.

I give major kudos to the company that designed the whole roof everything looked like way to much work and quality for an average roofing company, but after last night they are no longer average in my book



Cleaning Stove

Clean Restaurant – Dinning

Clean Restaurants and great Dinning go hand and hand!

A clean dinning experience is one of the most important things that you will ever ask for when is comes to the restaurant industry. Sanitation of all the place is so essential for business in any food industry establishment.

Here are some type from one of the leading providers in the cleaning industry to day; Cleaning Solutions USA. We spoke with Joseph Gabino general manager of the cleaning giant and he give us some really good types on what to do to have success in the restaurant industry.

First Let’s look at their track record. The have been providing sanitation standards for the food industry for the past 30 years and have these currant contracts to name a few:

  • Macaroni Grill
  • Chick Fila
  • HEB Grocery foods
  • Target
  • Babe’s Chicken
  • Mac Donald’s

These are just a few food giants that Cleaning Solutions USA has had the privilege of servicing in the past 30 years of business. Joseph goes on to say how he believes that the quality of the cleaning is as important as the quality of the food in the place.

No way will customers come back to your establishment if your dinning area, bathrooms, front lobby and the building in general look a mess. He goes on to say that this is his personal check list:

Kitchens – must be a clean and sanitize environment to work in and produce the quality of cooking customers are look for and absolutely expect.

  • Old food need to be cleaned out daily
  • Freezers need sanitation from top to bottom
  • Stoves need scrubbing with antibacterial cleaning agents
  • Micro waves need the same attention daily
  • Floors must be sanitized daily removal of food and oils; to promote pest control
  • All areas of the ceiling vent grills washed down
  • Trash can wash out daily
  • Dishes and glass ware cleaned to detail daily
  • All trash removed from the facility

Dinning areas: Must always have a clean appearance since this is the area that the customer comes in contact with the most.

Tables need to be not just wiped down but also sanitized after every customer finish’s their meal

Cloths need to be clean and unused

Chairs need to be totally free of all food and smell good

The floor in the dinning room must be swiped and mopped several time during the day and all tables and chairs removed every night for a deeper clean.













Dead cockroach isolated on a white

Safe to eat

To what avail is it to have the best food but the nastiest restaurant in town!  

This report is just a “icky yucky”  blog on some of the nastiest places that we have found to dine at.

First on the list is “The barn” in Ricardo Texas. My friends and I had been in that area several years back on a hunting and fish trip. I will say this Ricardo Texas is a wonderful place with great people and very good south Texas food!

If I would choose a place to live it would be here in this regain with its rich fishing and game hunting its truly a hunters paradise. We have been going down on these trip for years now since I was born and raised on King Ranch back in the 70’s

This restaurant I mention above is owned by great people how really care about there clients and would do anything about the danger of anything in their way. I do however have one complaint against them. The day we were there was a nightmare at best!

First there was a huge fly problem in the place with multiple swarms flying from the kitchen to the tables and in between. NOT A GOOD SITE; very unsanitized at best!

The next thing was when we had ordered our food we saw a rat come out of a whole and run across the dinning room floor. This really grossed me out to say the least and was a complete turn off from eating at that place.

One last thing that really took the cake and made me run from that place for sure! We saw the cook come out of the kitchen I happen to be in the bathroom at the same time he use his necessities and simply walked out with out washing his hands.

To me this was a big NO; NO!

We grabbed our things and ran from the place and ended up at a Mac Donald’s and I will tel you I hate that place but at least its sanitary to eat there.

A few months later we were back in town and as we past by the nasty establishment I couldn’t help but notice that there way a big sign that said new management and new owners!

I decided to try the place out one more time due to that fact. We entered very skeptical and obviously watching the every move they made and seeing if there was still a tell tell sign of dread!

As we walked in the first thing we noticed was all the past control traps on the out side of the establishment, this was encouraging at best. as soon as the new owners saw us walk in they greated us with a huge smile and off they went trying to win over our confidence.

I ask the new owners about all the new changes and they said that the other owners where not very good at keeping up with house. He said the first thing we did was hire the best pest control we could afford. They came in and killed all the rats, and all the insects in the place.

This was a huge relief and quite frankly was encouraging to eat their food.   Over all the dinning experience was two thumbs up and I would recommend their food and establishment to anyone in that neck of the woods.    .





dinning in style

Dinning in style

I would like to tell you about the best night ever!!!

My husband and I have been going though a lot here lately with the baby lose and all. We have not had a night to ourselves in quite some time. Well as you all know we lost our fist baby in the fall of last year right around thanksgiving and it really put a bad doom feeling on the holidays.

Needless to say we have not felt like the time to go out and start over was here yet. But as we started off this 2015 we both felt it was time to turn the page and start a new chapter in our lives.

Yes we  will greatly miss Brian our first son but the truth of the matter is we really need to move on. With brain my husband taking all his sick time from work it left us with no vacation time to get away this year.

We to be truthful it was starting to were us down quite a bit from the inside out. We notice that we were a little cranky with each other most of the time over really stupid stuff that had no meaning what so ever.

So we just came to the conclusion that it was time to move on and get a fresh start on life. Once again as I already mentioned we would normally just take some time off from work and leave the country to some paradise but not this time with both us us not having not day left due to the lose earlier this year.

Great Ideas comes at a small price

Brain knows how fond I am of salmon its like my favorite dish on the planet! I can eat fish at least 5 times per week and eat salmon just about every day if needed. I would be the best at living next to the ocean because of my love of fish.

Brian being the brain he always is decided to surprise me with a night out on the town at on of my favorite restaurants pappadeaux sea food dinning. We had been there several times in the past but this night was special!

He when out of his way to make sure I had all I would ever ask for and so much more in a night out in the town. We live in Fort Worth Texas and will; you know that we have steak houses around every corner!

He asked me to be ready right after work on Friday So it was 6:30pm and there I was at the front door BUT brain was not were to be found in the house and was not answering his cell phone. So unlike him and his very on point scheduling!

Want sounded like my front door bill ring and it was this strange man in a weird hat. I open the door and said how may I help you? He asked me are you Ashley Carter; I said yes why may you ask He said can you please follow me to the limousine someone is waiting for you inside. I didn’t know what to say other than sure! I lock my house door and the driver walked  me to the limousine and slowly opened the back door.

I some what looked in before I sat down and saw my wonderful husband Brain in the back seat with his arms wide open! He said will its time to start over my dear! I melted with tears as I trip into the limo and landed into his arms.

He said the right words that I will never forget; honey it’s been a long time, BUT tonight your going to fall in love with me again!

I immaterially started crying and told him how much he meant to me; and that he new how to make an impression on a lady. The limousine drive took the long way to my favorite restaurant we must have past it at least 5 times on the free way.

In the duration of this time Brain proposed to me all over again and bought be a fabulous new ring!

How could I not marry the love of my life again, why not, so I said yes to him again after 5 years of being married  to one another.

When we got to the restaurant they sat us down in the very back in a private room for newlyweds. It truly was amazing and I could not thank Brain enough……..As far as the fish dinner it was breath taking!

What a night and the rest was history!